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harptime - The Physically Modeled Harp    VST Plugin for PCVSTVST/AU Plugin for MacVSTAU

The HarpTime VST/AU synthesizer was designed to reproduce the sound of the plucked folk harp, and uses an advanced physical modeling synthesis in which twelve strings are all individually modeled to allow true sympathetic resonances. The harp has a beautiful sound which is usable in very many musical styles (mediaeval period music, classical, folk, ambient, film music and ballads, for example). However, samples can only reproduce a limited, and somewhat 'static' snapshot of a particular real instrument being played. In comparison, physical modeling allowed us to build a VST/AU instrument which reproduces the characteristic of a variety of real harps, with more flexibility, control, and dynamics than a sample set will normally provide. HarpTime can reproduce the beautiful of the Celtic harp, as well as that of many similar types, such as Japanese (koto), Paraguayan and African harps.

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Physically Modeled Harp - Harptime


peti - indian harmonium model    VSTVSTAU

Peti is a unique VSTi, which uses hybrid FM synthesis technology to emulate the sounds of the Harmonium, a member of the Reed Organ family, also known as "pump organ".
The Harmonium in its smaller form is widely used in north Indian music and, as derivation, in pop and rock music too for its full and sweet sound.

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Indian Harmonium VST/AU plugin - Peti

emm knagalis - ethnic instrument sampler  
VSTVSTAU : 32-bit and 64-bit : NEW RELEASE 2.0

Standard ROM players often give you a few substandard "ethnic" samples as an afterthought.
EMM Knagalis goes much further, taking you to the four corners of the globe.
The smart architecture and the unlimited ethnic scale modes of this VST synthesizer will open you the door to the amazing sound of ethnic instruments.

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Ethnic Instrument Sample Player | Knagalis

marimka - tuned percussion synthesizer    VST

Marimka is a virtual instrument on the line of HarpTime and Peti, that is targeted to ethnic folk sounds, in this case marimba and balafon, tuned percussions. It is able also of other percussive sounds like frame drums.

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physically modeled tuned percussion VST plugin - Marimka

modelonia - innovative physical modeling synthesis  VST Plugin for PCVST VST/AU Plugin for MacVSTAU

Modelonia is a novel physical-modelling synthesizer which uses a hybrid of two distinct model 'types'- a plucked-string model, and a blown-bore (ie trumpet-type) model.

Each model may be used simultaneously, and the signal path allows cross-modulation between the two models for more interesting and complex tones.

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innovative physical modeling synthesis | Modelonia


The SaxLab is a flexible and easy-to-use soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophone  synthesizer that combines samples and synthesizing techniques to an instrument full of expression capabilities.

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saxophone plugin for VST/AU - Saxlab