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The plugins on this page are free for you to download for personal use.
No support is granted for our free software.
Direct linking of the files is not allowed.
Magazines and websites must receive a written permission from NUSofting before inclusion of any free software in their publications.

This page is for the old free plugins only.

You can download the new
Sinnah synth here
Anything Mod and Tube Gain Booster here



groove analogizer - audio-controlled drum synthesis    VST

Groove Analogizer is an "audio controlled drum synthesizer", it means that like a vintage electronic drum tone generator (e.g. Simmons) the percussion sound is triggered by an audio input, not by a MIDI message. This also means that you must not load, in the host, Groove Analogizer as a VST instrument, it loads as a VST effect, usually in an insert slot.

But it's really a synth: the sound of three oscillators is triggered and shaped by the audio input in many ways.

Read more...        Download GrooveAnalogizer        Sound demos...
audio-controlled drum synthesis | Groove Analogizer

reverbering - experimental reverb model with noise and grain    VST

is a free VST effect for Windows, a simple but useful reverb effect, sporting low CPU usage and two features which you will not easily find in other similar effects:

Noise: this adds a filtered noise sound to the decay
Grain: this saturated the audio signal for a vintage feel

Of course you may keep those parameters at zero for a clean reverb effect.

Other features:
MIDI learn on every parameter, menu by right click.
Reverbering uses the same optimized algorithm featured in Modelonia synth
100% skinnable

Download Reverbering
Reverb Model - Reverbering


OGG files streaming in VST

This plugin is meant as a "time and disk space saver" tool, allowing to stream from disk stereo OGG encoded audio files in a VST environment. This should be usefull for musical collaborations and ambient music when very large audio files are needed, E.G. long field recordings.

VSTPLOOGGin can be controlled both from the GUI and by MIDI notes messages. The GUI switches are master controls over MIDI messages. You can load stereo OGG files both by Drag'n'Drop and file dialog.

Ogg File Player Plugin

da hornet - the VA cult classic    VSTVSTAU

A Classic VA


Download daHornet Mac AU and VST

Download daHornet Win VST

DaHornet VST/AU virtual analog synth

glitch one effect synthesizer    VST

Crazy sounds modulator & generator

Downoad Glitch One
Experiemental Audio-Controlled Effects Synth - Glitch ONE

kazootronica    VST

Virtual kazoo
, somehow like a waveshaper. Now with GUI by multree and Liqih.
Best results with mono, non effected sounds, like Delay Lama with Echo off.

Downoad Kazootronica

kaotica    VST

is a 12db/octave band pass filter modulated by a "Fractal" LFO.

The key of the effect is the Mu parameter, it's the seed for the fractal shape, for each value of Mu you got a different LFO waveform: sometimes close to a random behaviour, other times performing cyclic patterns. Each value leads to a unique shape.
You can set the LFO rate in Hz and the Hardness of the LFO waveform: smooth or hard jumps.

There are two versions of Kaotica:
Kaotica Mono
Kaotica Stereo 2.0 with Dry/Wet Mix control, extra stereo comb filter , Min and Max filter frequency controls, ResoGain amount, and Type balance for filter, -1 = Band Pass, 1 = Comb.

Both are 32-bit VST for Windows.

Download Kaotica mono Download Kaotica stereo 2.0

microrock    VST

Microrock is physically modelled mono bass with filters, distortion, overdrive and chorus. Some "fake" guitar sounds are possible too.


-monophonic synthesizer for basses, leads and powerchords, Legato performance, pitchbend
-two Karplus_Strong oscillators, Exciter (amount of energy to string) Pick (noise amplitude 0..2 pre filter), beware: pick adds to exciter
- nisFilter (noise LP filter 40..3860 Hz)
- Modulation (amount of noise modulation to pitch )
- Fixing (picking position on the string emulation)
- one ADSR envelope with variable curvature, it controls Amp and DynaTone filters. -DynaTone, multiple filter parameters combined in one control
-ToneRama, filters mixer
-Overdrive and Distorter
-ModWheel controls Sustain stage
-CC07 control output level
-Legato on off (off for arpeggiator usage)
-Velocity Sensivity

Downoad Microrock latest beta    Download Microrock old cheesy version

micromono    VST

Micromono is a small new Liqih Synth which condenses in few controllers the power of a fat FM bass and other interesting lead and glitch sounds. Many parameters are Velocity controlled for an expressive live performance.


-monophonic synthesizer for basses, leads and percussions, Legato performance, pitchbend
-two FM oscillators, Double, Detune, FM by envelope, costant FM amount
-one ADSR envelope with variable curvature, it controls Amp, FM and DynaTone filters
-Aliasing control: actually FM keytraking
-DynaTone: multiple filter parameters combined in one control
-ToneRama, filters mixer
-Velocity to FM, to ADSR level and time, to DynaTone frequency
-Overdrive and Distorter
-ModWheel controls Sustain stage
-CC09 controls FMfx2
-CC07 control output level
-Legato on off ( off for arpeggiator usage)
-Velocity Sensivity

Downoad Micromono beta